Best Pull Along Toys for 1-3 Years Old Kids

The pull-along toys are the best companion of the kid when they are ready to walk. They teach kids in different ways like how to make balance while they are pulling toy? How to manage himself and toy both smoothly walk along without any hurdle?

So many pull-along toys are available in the market with colours, shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Here I suggest a few five best pull-along toys for your kid, you may choose your best for your little one.

6 Best Pull Along Toys for 1-3 Years Old Kids

1. Walk A Long Puppy - Pull Toy

The toy is very beautifully designed; it looks like an original puppy with a sleek and colourful body.
The toy made with premium wood finished with child safe and non-toxic materials. The 4 wheels of the puppy rimmed with rubber for frictionless movement on any surface and also minimize the noise as well as helps in preventing scratches on the floor.  A pull string is long enough you may extend it to joint other one string as you required.

2. AlphaPub Scout - Pull Toy

The toy encourages the baby moving and walking when the baby pulls the bone handle pull cord of toy then it plays songs and puppy related phrases. When it's colourful buttons pressed, the toy plays an alphabet letters sound that encourages baby to repeat the letters. The puppy's soft and velvety ears help the kid to spend time petting their dog. The tail movements give a cute walk of the puppy. A battery operated toy (battery included by manufacturer).  The toy helps in learning alphabets and motors skills to the kid. Find more learning toys

3. Learn Car Carrier - Pull Toy

One of the most fascinating toys that every child would love to include in own toy collection. The toy set comes with a huge car transporter with a fully operational flip -down a ramp to allow access to the upper deck of the transporter. This pull toy comes with 3 colourful cars and 3 interesting animal figures. Its head is an activity center that featured with CB radio that activates lights and sounds for additional children's learning. The toy consists of many buttons that play interactive phrases, colours, and numbers.

4. Drop & Go Dump Truck - Pull Toy

The Toy comes with 3 rock boulders these can be loaded or unloaded in the truck; dropping colourful rocks into the truck to hear them counted; moving the handle to lift the truck bed to tip the rocks out, and pushing the side buttons on the toy to hear phrases and songs. The buttons also teach different tools and colours. The toy helps the child in learning different skills like hearing ability and hand-eye coordination. The battery required for regular use of this toy.

5. Walk A Long Snail - Pull Toy

This toy well designed made of premium wood finished with child safe and non-toxic materials. This pull toy simply consists of colourful shapes with the shape sorter. The string is long enough for every size of toddlers. The child learns many things like shapes, colours and other motor skills through this walk along snail toy. The snail cell many times does not stay on base when rolling but it encourages the child to manage rolling speed.

6. Fisher Price Classic Xylophone - Pull Toy

Know Brief On Toy

The classic xylophone's 8 colourful keys encourage early music-making creativity and develop a child's senses. The classic xylophone is a musical pull-toy having a sleek new look. A mallet attached so it never gets lost that the child uses for pulling the toy and also to tap on the 8 colourful keys of xylophone. Find more Musical toys

Age 18 months to 3 year

Pros & Cons

Know Pros

2-in-1 toy
Bright colours and musical tones help stimulates a child's senses
Promotes hand-eye coordination
Encourages gross motor skills
Easy to clean

Know Cons

String very-very small

Before buying any toy considers a few things as I described in 6 Tips for Buying Toys for Kids, Here I suggest you best and most rated toys in the market.

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