Safety Tips

Toy Safety Tips

Toy safety symbol makes sure the toy is certified under the toy safety program, many initiatives introduced by governments and toy associations means that the toys our children play with are safer than ever before. But there is still a need for parents to be vigilant and aware of the various hazards from certain toys as per their child ability.

knowellbuy mention some safety symbols, marks and their meaning for the Parents awareness when choosing safe toys for the child. Because this is the primary and most important testing of a toy by the parents.


CE Symbol

This symbol is used by toy manufacturers to show that their products meet all the relevant consumer safety, environmental or health requirements of the European Union Directive. This is not a safety symbol.

Age Warning Symbol

It means the toy is unsuitable for children that are younger than three years old. The toy might contain small parts. The red and white symbol first appeared on toys in 1995.

Fire Safety Symbol

It means the toy will not easily catch light from cigarettes and matches. Does a not mean fireproof.

British Standards Kitemark

Awarded by the British Standards Institution, the Kitemark symbol is considered a sign of reliability and safety - and can be found on all kinds of products, services and processes as well as some toys and outdoor play equipment.

The Lion Symbol

Introduced to promote high safety standards (EN 71) throughout the toy industry, this bright red and yellow symbol helps consumers to identify toys that are safe for children to use.

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