Best Safety Advisory Regarding Toys for Kids by knowellbuy


The toy safety symbols on the packaging of toys very well define of how safe a toy is for your child, there are lots of other very simple checks you can do and ensure yourself for kids' safety. In particular, we recommend some checks:

Check toy sizes

In priority of child safety, toys that are both too large and too small can pose risks. The most obvious thing to check for is whether there are any choking hazards. Babies and kids shouldn't be given any toy that is smaller than mouth-size. Similarly, though, toys such as bikes, bicycle and other outdoor toys that are too large for the child can easily lead to unnecessary falls and accidents.

Check age suitability

On toys the 'age warning' mark and symbol is there to show what toys are suitable for the under 3 years and which are not, all children develop at different speeds so it is important to also take your own child's ability in mind.

Check sharp edges

It is very important to regularly check toys to ensure that they do not have any broken parts or sharp edges that could cause your child any kind of harm.

Check cleanliness

Mostly babies and kids who tend to chew and suck any toy they are given, keep their toys clean is also especially important for outdoor toys (such as ride-on, bikes and swings). Every toy must be clean by parents before given to the baby.

Check toy storage

Please ensure that toys are not stored in places that might cause your child harm when trying to find them (like a high shelf, behind any heavy object or in a narrow space).

Here the parents can follow the checklist (Tips for Buying) before while they are buying toys and baby products.

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